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Trends in aesthetics…Should I jump in and offer them?

Some trends proove themselves to be more than just that. How do we know what is just a ‘trend’ and what isn’t?

We watch, wait and rely on science.

I would also highly suggest signing up to aesthetic journals with the latest evidence based research to back this up, for example (journal of aesthetic nursing etc.) 

Some trends however will fade. Perhaps when science doesn’t back results up, a large number of patients have long term side effects or complications or even simply as pop culture moves on. 

Just look at filler packages, ‘kylie Jenner’ packages for example.  Lots of celebs have begun dissolving their filler and are opting for a more natural filler look. Skin has become more integral to us, understanding how we can maximise our skin is more important than ever and that’s what clients are looking for. Injectables still have their place but other scientific based modalities to support this are at the forefront of the industry. Things such as polynucleotides (we love Dermafocus), Dermalux LED, Skin boosters (Jalupro,Profhilo etc.) patients are increasingly seeking a more natural and rejuvenated look, emphasizing skin health and overall wellness.

So all in all, sit back, hold tight and rely on the science. Don’t jump on the latest trend just because you feel you have to. 

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