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Complaints Procedure

Should you wish to make a complaint we would like to make this process easier for you.

Please ask a member of our team to show you our complaints policy if you cannot locate it on the site. If you wish to provide feedback or any kind please do so directly at your earliest convenience to any member of the nurses network. 
If you are unhappy with the response, please feel free to send an email to any of the directors and they will try to rectify the problem and offer you further advice on our complaint procedure. 

You can email

You can also call 01634 710 146 and ask to speak to Kate if you wish you speak to one of the team over the phone. 

If your complaint cannot be resolved and you wish to make a formal complaint please put this in writing so that we can review the complaint and investigate it in line with our policy. Our e-mail address is

We promise to respond within 48 hours and try to resolve the issue.

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