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Meet the Girls


Owner of a CQC registered practice in Kent called The Clinic by La Ross and Urban Training Academy and Urban Training UK. I am also a Regional Trainer for Teoxane supporting the South East as well as a trainer for Polynucleotides across the UK.


I am passionate about driving the businesses forward and excited about launching an IV Wellness brand later this year with my business partners.


After my Bachelors I completed a post graduate degree in education, this led me to a Masters in Nursing and subsequently a level 7 in Independent Prescribing. I now bring all my passions together- Business, education and aesthetics.


I had a clinical paper published in the journal of Aesthetic nursing focusing on the pillars of infection prevention in Aesthetics and currently I am completing a study on the benefits of Light therapy in conjunction with regenerative medicine which is going to be published later in the year.



Megan Crowhurst, Norfolk, BSC adult nursing, I am focused on regeneration as a practitioner and have completed multiple masterclasses to focus on confidence and competence


I wanted to create the nurses network as I felt both when starting out in aesthetics and also after you have been in the industry for a while, you can feel a little at a loss of where to go or how to build. I wanted to be the guide we never had, the aesthetic agony aunts to guid you down the right path. Understand the mistakes we have made and build from them! Plus to open the doors of communication between practitioners and realise it’s ok to make mistakes! 


The future of TNN I am so excited to see the community of medical professionals we build. I can’t wait to pass on our knowledge of the industry and inspire people to keep going and make the most out of their businesses! 

I can’t wait to help people by discussing complications and breaking the barrier of them. To help them see that they happen to everyone and if you know what to do it makes you a better practitioner! 


Independent Nurse Prescriber. Owner of Azira aesthetics & Azira academy. Located in South Wales.

I have worked full time in the aesthetics industry since 2016, opening my own clinic in 2019. I  am the a lip and PDRN trainer for Croma and the Welsh Wow facial trainer.

I wanted to create the NN as I genuinely believe it is something that the aesthetic world is missing! When I started in aesthetics I left a MDT and became an isolated worker. It’s tough feeling alone or unsupported in your speciality, and I know there were many times I wish I had someone I could have turned to for help or Clarity!


If we, as the NN, can make even one practitioner's aesthetics journey a little easier, then we have done what we have set out to do. I want to give out members and safe and supportive place to help their dreams & businesses flourish!

I see a really bright and exciting future for the NN! I cannot wait to meet all of our members and get to connect with like-minded practitioners across the country! 

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