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To reel or not to reel

As an individual starting up in aesthetics it can be scary.. the industry is growing by the minute and although we know that is the case, so many feel like they get lost in the waves and cannot be seen.

The reality is, that isn’t true. Business is business and I think personally the statement can often be thrown around because it’s easier than accepting what it actually takes to, ‘stand out’. I think we need to take responsibility and not hide behind blame statements, such as my popular favourite ‘the market is saturated.’

Back in December last year I spoke at an event and a lovely doctor in the audience asked me how she can compete with everyone who was dancing around doing reels when she felt stupid doing them.. my response was why do you feel you need to compete? I went on to explain that the person she noticed was showcasing herself.. her personality.. she found a resource that allowed her to connect with her audience and form connections.. those that extended far beyond a before and after. She was brave enough to stand in front of her potential patients and be vulnerable.. she told the story of herself..

Now whether that be by reels.. by audio, by story or a simple tile she achieved her goal.

When we start up, we don’t have endless pots of cash.. we don’t have staff cascading at our demands.. we have limited resources.. and resources are also our time..

Our most powerful commodity, the one that conveys authenticity.. the one that can connect and speak to our audience is that of showcasing ourselves.. and albeit that might sounds scary.. finding the way YOU can connect to YOUR demographic, is invaluable.

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