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So when do you know it’s the right time to leave the NHS?

 Well in my experience I knew it was the right time to leave the NHS, after 2 years of starting my business.

As medical professionals we often follow the path into the world of the NHS.

 Many of us will begin our aesthetic journeys part time, fitting it around our NHS careers and essentially working two jobs.

This can be overwhelming at first, I then found my stride after dropping my NHS hours to 30 hour from 37. We dream of leaving the NHS and doing what we love full time (well at least I did) but unfortunately when you first start a business you don’t earn enough to do this! 

 After 2 years I found myself struggling to manage my home life and working my two (no basically full time jobs) I took a holiday and remember just knowing it was time. It was time to dive in (yes it still felt scary) to my aesthetic business. 

 I could no longer provide my patients with the full experience as I was having to deny them appointments over my NHS job, I didn’t want to have to do that.

So I made the jump, this is not me telling you to leave your NHS job, you never have to do that. I definitely still miss the teamwork, the feeling of camaraderie. I was good at my NHS job but I simply love my aesthetic business and patients more. 

 So is there a right time to leave?

Maybe not.

I think there comes a time when you can no longer cope with feeling overwhelmed. There comes a time to prioritise yourself and those around you. Is juggling everything becoming too much for them?

Also remember everyone’s experiences are different this is just my own. 

 How did you leave the NHS? Do you want to leave the NHS? Let us know! Or send us a message!

All the ladies have their own experiences and we are happy to share them! 

 Megan x

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