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Not quite ready to take the jump into a larger machine?

Read on for my top handheld devices that improve results, patient satisfaction and increase your revenue without breaking the bank!

My first device that I introduced to my clinic was our microneedling pen; and eight years later it is still being used every. single. day. I invested in the derma pen from Ivan med and I have never regretted my choice! Ivan Med have always been super responsive to questions, really helpful and the training provided has always been great quality! Most importantly the device is of great quality and we’ve never been disappointed with the results! We have the DPM8! Treatment areas for microneedling include; - acne scarring - Fine lines - Blemishes - Stretch marks - Under eyes & brow arches!

A second device, also from Ivan med, is the Cryopen!

Another clinic staple for us! The CryoPen will expand your treatment range and add a hugely popular medical treatment to your clinic! We only introduced this device 2.5 years ago but it has become a firm favourite with our patients! When we did our market research on this device we sent a mail out to our patient base asking if this would be a treatment they would be interested in? The response we had was incredible! We had over 400 replies to the mail out off patients wanting this treatment and not knowing where to turn! The Cryopen delivers an ultra cold high pressure N₂O directly onto skin lesions effectively destroying them without damaging healthy tissue!

Treatment areas for the Cryopen include; - Skin tags - Warts - Sun spots - Age spots - Liver spots - Verrucas With relatively low running costs this device is sure to offer a fantastic return on investment!

My third and final device is the Dermalux flex!

The Dermalux flex is the most powerful portable LED device! The flex is CE certified and FDA approved and provides clinically proven results for a wide range of indications! It’s a firm favourite with all of our patients, especially when combined in a package with others treatments such as polynucleotides, microneedling or dermal fillers! With the Dermalux flex space isn’t an issue; it’s completely portable but the results are just as visible! You can enhance every treatment you perform and the visible effects are immediate! The Dermalux is medically certified for; - wound healing - acne patients - Psoriasis - Pain relief on muscular skeletal pain! - Post aesthetic treatments.

We are very proud to have Dermalux as one of our partners and can offer a discount to our members!

You won’t regret it!

I hope that this blog helps, if you aren’t sure which device would be best for you then please do message us, I would be more than happy to help!

Grace x

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