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My first EVER machine The NeoGen spa; why I chose it and what results have I achieved?

This year I launched my first ever large machine in clinic! It’s taken me EIGHT years! Everyone who knows me will know that I was sceptical about introducing a machine into my clinic and brand. I wasn’t sure where it would fit and worried the financial expense would be higher than the clinical results achieved! Over the last 8 years we have been ‘pitched’ or enquired about a fair few machines, we’ve had demo’s and even progressed further, but each time I felt like it wasn’t quite right. 

Then I found the NeoGen Spa and everything changed! From my first introduction to a NeoGen rep, to my machine delivery and the in house training; everything was flawless! We as a team LOVED the in house training with Tyrone. It was refreshing for the training to take place in house, with my machine, my patients and the environment I would be working in for future treatments. I bet you can all relate on having training at a venue or another clinic, it’s great until you get back into clinic and it all feels so different than the training environment! Almost like driving someone else’s car, similar but so different

Neogen also helped us launch our machine, they provided marketing materials, real results that we could share with our patients and socials, and were on hand when we were deciding on our pricing structure for model treatments and ‘normal’ pricing. It was refreshing to find a brand that was transparent on actual procedure costs and recommend pricing, whilst also allowing us to cater to our demographic. Let’s be fair, London and Wales pricing varies hugely! Being allowed to set a pricing structure instead of being told a set price definitely helped the launch! 

So we decided to launch the machine in January? What could possibly go wrong??!

For our launch we used the materials provided, ran sponsored ads and hand picked patients we thought were ideal candidates, throughout the whole month we offered discounted procedures. So us and our patients could learn to love the new treatment! January was a risk, it’s one of notorious quiet spells in aesthetics, who has the time or finances to have their trusted procedures?!  Let alone try a brand new treatment! On the flip side, if it worked and the launch was successful, we were about to turn a quiet month into a revenue breaker! 

This is where we were so grateful for the expert training we received! Every single member of my team felt confident to discuss and upgrade procedures to the Neogen Spa! We ended up having a total of 22 bookings in the launch month! Over 25 hours worth of procedure time booked out IN JANUARY! We were all in shock!! What kind of machine was this?! 

Since then, our praise has only gotten higher! Some of the results that we have achieved using the Neogen Spa (low energy May I add) have been incredible! We now successfully have many happy patients booked on to treatment plans or completed treatment plans! Our favourite areas to treat are pigmentation, thread veins, jawlines and peri ocular! I will share some of our results below! 

If anyone is unsure on what step to take when it comes to machine, PLEASE reach out. I spent eight years choosing something I wish I had done sooner! I would be more than happy to help!

Grace x 

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