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How to prepare for an interview at an aesthetics clinic

Firstly, I want to thank one of our lovely me for the blog topic suggestion! I hope that this will help a few of our members!

The idea of going for an interview for your dream aesthetics role can be scary, right? I’m hoping this insight from someone who has been interviewed and now interviews can help!

When we interview for new roles within our clinic one of the main things we look for is enthusiasm. Not the amount of time injecting, not the amount of courses they have done or they’re beautifully collaborated before and afters! In my clinic we want to see passion, an injectors willingness to learn and grow, and their enthusiasm to become part of our team!

As a clinic owner, new techniques and product knowledge can all be taught. We give every injector a 6 week shadow period to spend time with myself, observe my consultations, pro

duct selection and techniques! All parts of the role that can be taught! However, what can’t be taught is a practitioners enthusiasm and willingness to learn!

If your dream role is within the aesthetic clinic you’re interviewing at; study their brand, their ethos and business values. Ask questions about what they are wanting from an injector

, what they want to achieve and their business goals. Preparing a few questions to ask the interviewer always shows interest! Then sell your core values and how you can help them to achieve their goals alongside your personal development!

When I interview I would much rather my interview run over the allocated time slot as a c

andidate is interested and asking questions, than a shorter interview time because I’ve received one word answers to my questions and they have made a swift exit at the end!

Remember the interviewer was once being interviewed! There is nothing to feel intimated about!

Ps. A final word from me; I know this seems like the obvious, but I recently interviewed and saw far too many pairs of jeans, crop tops and heard all of the late excuses in the book! Please always wear smart dress and attend on time! Punctuality sets you off on the right foot!

Grace x

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