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Confidence and arrogance..

I was watching TV recently, one of the odd occasions I wasn’t working ha ha but I was watching this interview with Gordon Ramsay and something he said really resonated with me. He was asked if he ever felt he needed to be more humble and not as arrogant? He looked confused, and then irritated.

He then redirected the question and asked for clarification, the host looked confused and asked what part? Gordon then proceeded to say that he’s not arrogant but confident and that arrogance is merely a construct of the less able and those who are not prepared to do what needs to be done to be the best.

I totally subscribed to this notion but then with my nurse brain I went on to consider the mindset of the ‘judger’.. in my opinion life is all about perception.. how we see something, someone or a situation ultimately is influenced by the person seeing it.. FACT! So the context is subjective, the perception is subjective and therefore the judgement irrelevant..

My point is this.. I am confident.. because I know that I will never stop, I am prepared to lose and get back up as many times as I need to in order to achieve what I want and therefore I believe with all certainty everything I want can be achieved, I used to be consumed with what people th

ought of me until I realised that those people sometimes don’t see what others see, or what I may see simply because their view is tinted by their journey, their insecurities, their pain, their desires etc..

So next time you don’t want to announce something because of fear people will usher you.. announce it..

Next time you want to be you or share a story, a thought! Share it!

Next time someone questions your vision, your goals or your perception, remember they are on their journey and until they have reached a point of being fulfilled.. they may never be okay with you reaching that destination first..

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