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Why do we undersell ourselves as Medical practitioners?

So you have your patient in clinic you have done a full medical consultation and treatment. Recommended your choice of skincare, then it comes to payment…you instantly feel bad for charging the prices you do and ONCE AGAIN undersell yourself by giving a discount. Why is that? Let’s discuss…

There are a number of reasons why medical practitioners may undersell themselves. Some of these reasons include:

1. A lack of confidence in their own abilities.

Many medical aesthetic practitioners may not realize the full extent of their skills and expertise. As a result, they may be hesitant to charge high prices for their services.

2. A fear of losing clients.

Some medical practitioners may be afraid that if they charge too much, they will lose clients to competitors. This can be a particularly common concern for practitioners who are just starting out.

3. A desire to be seen as "affordable."

Some medical practitioners may want to be seen as being affordable and accessible to a wide range of clients. As a result, they may keep their prices low, even if they are not making a profit.

4. A lack of understanding of the value of their services.

Some medical practitioners may not fully appreciate the value of their services. This can lead them to undercharge for their work.

5. A lack of marketing and branding.

Some medical practitioners may not have a strong marketing and branding strategy. This can make it difficult for them to attract new clients and command high prices.

6. A lack of business knowledge.

Some medical practitioners may not have a strong business acumen. This can make it difficult for them to manage their finances and set prices that are both profitable and competitive.

If you are a medical practitioner who is underselling yourself, there are a number of things you can do to increase your prices and profits.

These include:

1. Increasing your confidence in your own abilities.

This can be done by taking continuing education courses, networking with other practitioners, and seeking feedback from your clients.

2. Developing a strong value proposition. This is a statement that clearly articulates the benefits that you provide to your clients. Once you know your value proposition, you can communicate it effectively to potential clients.

3. Positioning yourself as an expert that is constantly learning from the industry.

This can be done by writing articles, giving presentations, and participating in industry events.

4. Offering premium services.

This can include things like a full medical consultation, extended treatment times, and the use of premium products from trusted pharmacies.

5. Developing a strong marketing and branding strategy.

This can include things like creating a professional website, developing a consistent brand message, and using social media to connect with potential clients, ideas on how to do this are available FREE to TNN members.

6. Seeking business coaching or mentorship.

This can help you to develop the skills you need to manage your finances, set prices, and market your services effectively. We can help you with this through the nurses network in each of our clinics.

By taking these steps, you can start to charge what you are worth and build a successful medical aesthetic practice. Plus maybe even start to not feel bad charging what you’re worth.

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