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What do I need to consider when choosing my filler brand?

We all hear brands saying they are better than others and we all have our favourites! I am a Teoxane girl? Grace loves a bit of Chroma and Teoxane and Megan, a Teoxane girl too but does that mean others are rubbish.. well not at all, so what do we need to know when we are analysing filler!

What is Rheology?

Rheology is the study of how materials flow and deform under applied forces. In the context of dermal fillers, rheology plays a vital role in understanding their behavior, consistency, and overall performance when they are in the body. By examining the rheological properties, we gain insight into how these fillers adapt to the dynamic contours of the face, providing natural-looking and long-lasting results.

Viscoelasticity: The Key Player

Dermal fillers exhibit a viscoelastic behavior, meaning they possess both viscous (fluid-like) and elastic (solid-like) properties. This distinctive characteristic is what makes them ideal for sculpting and augmenting various facial features. When injected, the filler material flows smoothly due to its viscous nature but retains its shape and volume due to its elastic properties- this element is so important when considering what products are better for certain areas of the face! If you’re treating an area that is hyper mobile, you need to consider its ability to move naturally!

G' and G''(G Prime) : The Dynamic Duo

To understand the viscoelastic behavior of dermal fillers, we analyse two important parameters: storage modulus (G') and loss modulus (G''). G' represents the elastic component and measures the material's ability to store energy when stressed, while G'' represents the viscous component and measures the energy dissipated as heat. These two parameters work in tandem, determining the overall balance between firmness and flexibility of the filler.

Cross-Linking: The Secret recipe

The rheological properties of dermal fillers heavily depend on their composition, especially the presence of cross-linking agents. Cross-linking refers to the chemical process that forms links between polymer chains, enhancing the filler's stability and longevity. By controlling the degree of cross-linking, manufacturers can tailor the rheological behavior to achieve desired results, such as volumising or filling fine lines and wrinkles. It is also important to consider that the amount of cross links within a product can impact how the body responds to it! (Immune responses etc!)

Every individual has unique facial characteristics and desired outcomes. Dermal filler manufacturers have recognised this and developed a wide range of products with varying rheological profiles. Some fillers have high G' for volumising and sculpting, while others have low G' for smoother, more delicate areas. This customization allows practitioners to select the most suitable filler for each patient, ensuring natural-looking and harmonious results so considering this, using a product range that offer variation will allow you to identify the right product for the right indication!

Understanding the rheology of dermal fillers is crucial for skilled practitioners who aim to create beautiful and balanced outcomes. By considering factors such as injection technique, depth, and volume, they can harness the full potential of fillers to achieve precise contouring, restore lost volume, and rejuvenate facial features naturally! Using the right product will also allow the patient to animate and express themselves without looking overfilled or appear distorted!

My only advice, find a product range you enjoy using and your understand and become an expert in it.. I have dedicated the last five years to working with Teoxane and I know how each product responds meaning I feel confident with it and I feel confident my patients will love it! So do your research and find a range that offers variation and choice and remember just because one person works with one product range, doesn’t mean the others are unsuitable! Just find one that inspires you, is within your budget and that your patients love!

Many of our members use UTH, exclusively distributed by Acre and a product with a great technical profile, safety profile and a great product range allowing you to tailor your approach to various indications and like I said in our recent podcast: We advocate our members to feel encouraged to find a product line that works for them and fits their patients! We are never going to be that community that provides anything other than choice! Remember Acre offer a wide range of dermal fillers and are exclusive partners of Teoxane and UTH : so if you want to access some incredible offers head over to their website today and remember that all TNN members also get extra discounts on certain lines!

Hope that helped!

Kate x

What brands do you use?

  • One brand and one brand only

  • Whatever my patients ask for

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