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Clinic based vs. Home based

So you’ve finished your training and you’re headed for the bright shiny light of aesthetics…surely you have to be based in a clinic to be successful? Right? Wrong. I’m a home based practitioner, I have been since I started out. Don’t get me wrong the graft has been HARD. To establish myself in the market and to build a client base. Some clinics offer this to you on a plate but it can come with its setbacks.

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you aren’t clean, regulated, licensed and insured (Although you do have to make sure you are those things, looking at your cowboy injectors!). Be prepared to look into everything,in order to make sure you are practicing by the law but do it right and you can save yourself a lot of overheads (and even some headaches).

There are lots of pros to working from home but like anything there are also cons…can you adequately grow? Offer alternative services that require large machines? Work alongside others? Not necessarily…I feel home working has its limitations. The more you grow and bigger you become the more demand you have to meet what might only come from employing someone to work with you. There is also a stigma attached to working from home, a feeling that you aren’t adequate…I don’t know if that comes from other injectors or my clients…I’m pretty sure they don’t judge my clean and friendly environment, perhaps it’s my need to grow…my hunger for bigger things…my home clinic has got my foot in the door and my clients trusting my skill. For me it was the perfect way to start my business and give me the belief that I can grow my own empire.

Whatever you decide. Do it safely and always be yourself. You are your own USP.

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